Refund Policy

All purchases are final, NONREFUNDABLE. Services/Products will be delivered to your account after payment. If delivered, All orders will be marked as completed. We will never give Full or Partial refund at any cost. You can use the services/products even account limited (See terms of Service). Again, NO REFUND . If you are not agree with our Refund Policy, Please don't join and don't make any purchases.


You are expected to keep your passwords safe and unknown to everyone but you. You may only have a single account. Any attempt to create multiple accounts will result in a permanent suspension. You must verify email addresse used during the signup process. We reserve the right to access your account at any time and for any reason.


You may refer as many people as you can.You may refer other people in your household but only ONE member PER computer and IP. However, they must have a valid unique e-mail address.Any spamming on or other websites will result in account suspension and deletion.You may earn through your direct referrals as well as in-direct referrals.Upline can be changed upon member's request. But referral commissions cannot be re-allocated to new upline.

Cheater Policy

We reserve the right to suspend and delete any accounts found to be cheating or attempting to cheat.We reserve the right to suspend and delete any accounts found to be cheating or attempting to cheat. Any user who is found exploiting a bug will be suspended indefinitely.

Account Suspension

As we mentioned in other section of Terms of Service, There are many factors depending on Account Suspension. But if you bought any services from us, Services or Produts will be delivered or Credited to your account. We won't suspend your account If you didn't started to use our service or products or Started to using the services / products. We will let you to use them and No referral commissions or Revenue sharing payments will be done during this time. After used your service/product, You account will be completetly suspended.


You may pay for services using Payza, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay and PerfectMoney.You will receive any goods or services you pay for.Payments are confirmed using IPN, if this fails please contact us at .We have a no refund policy unless we cannot deliver the service purchased. Any attempt to refund, chargeback, or dispute with will result in account limitation. Account Limitations means You can still use Services/products but can't get commissions or Revenue Sharing commissions.


We will not be liable for any events that we cannot control. We can edit our website and Terms of Service at anytime and for any reason.We do not guarantee you will profit from , nor that you will not make any losses.

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